Blake Rogers is a singer/guitarist/songwriter residing in the beautiful mountain community of Julian, California.  Blake has been performing in the back country in and around Julian for over 20 years.  After many years of singing his original songs to receptive fans, he has finally decided to record his songs for his first CD entitled "THE REAL BLAKE ROGERS".  With the help of his friend, fellow musician and producer Kevin Dennis, the CD has become reality and is now available on Artist Mind Records.


"Music has always been an important part of my life, thanks mostly to my parents and family.  My father, Bert Rogers, loved to play guitar and sing Folk & Cowboy songs.  He was also a self taught luthier who built many beautiful instruments.  My mother, Norma Rogers, had a voice like an opera singer.  She would walk down a city street or a country road, singing loudly, and not give it a second thought.

It has long been a dream of mine to record the songs I have written, and this CD is the realization of that dream.  Many thanks to all of the fine musicians and friends who contributed to the music, and the organization and arrangement of the songs.  Thanks also to Harry Jo Reynolds who originally coined the phrase 'The Real Blake Rogers'.  Special thanks to Ed Abrams for his wonderful art work.

The lion's share of the credit and thanks for this CD's existence belongs to Kevin Dennis.  His hard work, and enthusiasm have helped to make my dream a reality!"

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