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Hey out there friends and family!  Thanks for checking out my site!  This site is mainly for my music, but also for some other aspects of my own personal life as well.  Kind of like my own time line.  You can check out a lot of different KD things by clicking on those blue buttons.  Anyway, here is a brief condensed version about how I got into music:

I began playing when I was 13 years old, when my older brother Bob, who had formed a garage band with some of his friends, handed me a bass and said "you are going to be my new bass player.  Here's how to play some Doors songs". So I became a bass player, and eventually a guitarist as well. I now have over 40 years of musical experience under my belt, and over the years I have branched out into musical production, recording, and song writing, as well as graphic arts and web design.  These days you can find me in and around the Estes Park, Colorado area playing in local night spots and recording music with Toby and Jody Tobias in THE DENNIS~TOBIAS BAND.  I still find time for my other creative endeavors as well, including music recording and production, sound and event production, and working with various local musicians, including singer/songwriter "OUTFIGGY" (Justin Faye).

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