Blake Rogers family home evening

Left to right: Bert Rogers (my father); "Buck" Rogers (my grandfather); Susan Rogers (my aunt); and me with my favorite stuffed friend


This is "The Real Buck Rogers"

The song "The Real Buck Rogers" was written about my grandfather, Lafeyette (Buck) Rogers.  He was also known to family & friends as "Laf" (pronounced laugh), which was appropriate because he was always quick to smile and laugh.  "Buck" is no longer living, but I still sing the song in the present tense.  All I need to do is think about him, to see his smile, hear him sing, and hear his mandolin.  "Buck" spent his final days in Fort Collins, Colorado, and died peacefully in his sleep.  I dreamt about him that same night, and when my father called the next morning, I already knew the reason.

The "Original Organic Gardener"

The songs "A Thousand Memories" and "Original Organic Gardener" were written about my mother's mother, Florence Belloff.  I have many wonderful childhood and adult memories of her house and garden.  Largely due to her influence, I do not want to live in a place where I cannot make compost and plant trees.  I hope she will forgive me for use of the term "Granny".  When my cousins or I called her that, she thought it was quite disrespectful.


"Forty Years & More", "Starlit Night" and "Another Working Day"

The songs "Forty Years & More", "Starlit Night" and "Another Working Day" were all inspired by, and written for, my wife Valerie.  The lyrics in these songs express my feelings, and give many of the reasons that I love her.  However, I fear they fall short of the whole truth.

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